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100% Impartial

We offer a 100% impartial service. This means that within your Personal Projection you can find every single domestic energy tariff available to you,

Free to Use

Our services are free for you to use. We are paid a fee from the energy suppliers for every switch completed, this fee is already included within the marketing budgets of energy suppliers so the prices we publish are the prices you pay no hidden costs!

Whole of Market

We aim to compare the whole domestic and business energy market, We show you every tariff available to you and do not filters any results or favorite any suppliers.

Swap your energy today and save up to £316** on your gas and electricity

Swap your energy with us today and start saving


Don’t want to pay more than you need to on gas and electricity bills? then the best way to avoid this is by changing to a cheaper energy plan. There are hundreds of cheaper energy plans out there that you could be saving money on. All you have to do is run an energy comparison on our website and you’ll be able to compare all the deals available to you. It really is that easy!


Our energy comparison tool can save you time and money, here’s how to get the cheapest gas & electricity deals in four simple steps:


  1. Enter your postcode
  2. Tell us how much energy you use, and who supplies it
  3. We’ll show you the cheapest energy deals in your area
  4. Choose the plan that best suits you then leave the rest to us

Frequently asked questions

What happens once I've switched energy?

Swap your Energy is a free service that handles the switching process for you. Once you’ve completed your energy switch, your new energy supplier will contact your old supplier and agree a switching date. You will then receive a welcome pack and letter from your new gas & electricity supplier. This will outline what you’ve agreed to, and tell you what happens next. There won’t be any interruption in your gas and electricity supply.

Will my gas or electricity supply get cut-off during switching?

No. You’ll still be receiving your energy through the same pipes and cables so there won’t be any an interruption to your electricity or gas supply, or any need to dig up the road. Only the company that provides your gas bills or electricity bills will change. Or, if you compare gas and electricity, your dual fuel bills will change

Will electricity prices rise in 2018?

It is very likely that some of the energy providers will raise their prices in 2018. Electricity prices did rise in 2017 and there is little to suggest that this trend won’t continue into 2018. Comparing gas and electricity prices is always a good idea to make sure you’re on the best possible deal.

Energy regulator Ofgem says they are working to help create conditions that make the market more competitive, and therefore encourage suppliers to lower their prices, but often loyalty doesn’t pay with most energy suppliers, so it’s a good idea to switch energy.

Why use us?


Swap Your Energy specializes in the UK energy market and can help you save money on your domestic and business energy bills in one place on any device.

Swap your Energy is fully accredited to the Ofgem Confidence Code to compare energy for domestic and business consumers.